Lucky Kiln Purse of Dowry《锁麟囊》

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编译   梓菁

This well known piece features in Cheng performing style of female role in Beijing Opera.  In the old days, every Chinese bride would carry a lucky kiln purse on her wedding day so as to ensure the first child to the new family is a masculine child. 
 A rich girl, Xue Xianglin was spoiled by her mother and carried an unusually precious kiln purse.  Yet she kindly granted it to another bride who had no penny in her name on the way to her wedding ceremony.  Her good deed brought luck back to her family in the end.


 《锁麟囊》 -  春秋亭外风雨暴

 Aria by Xue Xiangling

 唱段欣赏 Listen

春秋亭外风雨暴, Storms are roaring outside of the Spring and Autumn Pavilion, 
何处悲声破寂寥。But I can still hear miserable sobs somewhere. 

隔帘只见一花轿,Peeking from the curtain I see a red sedan.

想必是新婚渡鹊桥。A bride must be on her way to the wedding ceremony.

吉日良辰当欢笑, Every girl smiles on her day of luck and happiness         

为何鲛珠化泪抛? Why is this bride crying so sadly?

此时却又明白了, At a second thought I realize

世上何尝尽富豪。Life is full of up and downs

也有饥寒悲怀抱,There are people stricken by poverty

也有失意哭嚎啕。There are people frustrated by disappointing moments

轿内的人儿弹别调,The girl in the wedding sedan behaves differently

必有隐情在心潮。There must be a reason for it.