Chisang County 《赤桑镇》

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编译:  金陵  梓菁

This classic duet is considered a typical manifest of the skillful singing of painted role and old female role in Beijing Opera.  Bao Gong The Respectful Judge Bao)  is a household name in China, because he was always ready to champion the cause of the weak and prove no one is above the law.  He sentenced his nephew to death for his illegal conduct.  Wu Miaozhen, the nephew’s mother, came to Chisang County and blamed Bao for being inhuman.   After Bao’s gentle and tactful explanation,  Wu realized that Bao has done the right thing and forgave him. 

《赤桑镇》是一出花脸(净角)和老旦的对戏,也是裘盛戎、李多奎两位京剧表演艺术家的代表作。 这出戏唱功繁复,板式丰富多变,十分好听好看。故事讲述包拯年幼失去父母,由嫂吴妙贞抚养成人。吴子包勉任萧山县令,贪赃枉法,包拯秉公将其铡死。吴妙贞赶到赤桑镇,责包拯忘恩负义,包拯婉言相劝,晓以大义,吴妙贞感悟,叔嫂和睦如初。以下唱段是包拯和吴氏的对话。

《赤桑镇》选段 - 自幼儿蒙嫂娘训教抚养

 Selected Aria

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(白) 嫂娘,嫂娘! 小弟自幼被爹娘抛弃,多蒙兄嫂抚养成人。如今养育之恩未报,谁知包勉贪赃枉法,国法难容,深情难越,唉,还望嫂娘宽恕小弟!


(Speak) Dear Sister-in-Law!  I was abandoned by my biological parents and would not survive without my elder brother and yourself.  There has not yet been an opportunity for me to express my deepest gratitude in real term, yet Bao Mian your son broke the law and I have to perform the judge role  to punish him.  Forgive me, Sister-in-Law!


(Sing)Dear Sister-in-Law, you brought me up from childhood and took good care of me like a mother.  I’m forever grateful to your guidance and kindness.


You guided me to learn from the faithful and loyal predecessors, and should never tolerate corruption and place personal interest above the law.


Now that I took office in the City of Kaifeng as law practitioner, And my mission is to bring corruption and bullies to justice


Everyone is born equal so I should treat myself the same way as I treat others.  How would I deserve the fame of“pillars of the state” if I did otherwise?


If I had spared my nephew Bao Mian with his crime,


 I would be cheating His Majesty, bullying the civilian, ruining the legal system  and betraying to your kind guidance.





After listening to Bao’s words, I give it a second thought


He is doing the right thing as other faithful, upright and unselfish officials. 


My son is hateful as he should not take bribes and broke the law  He should be executed accordingly.


But without my son my only hope and support in life are gone.  I’d better committed suicide here in Chisang!