Female Generals of Family Yang 《杨门女将》

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编译: 梓菁

The classic whole play, Female Generals of Family Yang, which has a number of 
sonorous aria featuring Old Female Role of Beijing Opera, is one of the milestones in the history of Beijing Opera. The play is extremely popular since birth, not only because it is a good combination of comedy and tragedy, civil play and martial play, but also because it promotes the value of loyalty, filial piety, chastity, and uprightness.


《杨门女将》选段 - 探谷

 Selected Aria

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【二黄导板】 趁月光了敌营山高势险,

Taking advantage of the moonlight I inspect the enemy’s camp on the high mountain

 【回龙】 百岁人哪顾得, 征鞍万里、冷夜西风、白发凝霜, 杨家将誓保三关。

I traveled ten thousand miles against the cold wind to the boarder and swear to defend our motherland despite that I’m already 100 years old, and my hair all turned white.  

 【原板】 贼王文凭艰险坚守不战, 妄想我粮草断进退两难。

Wang Wen the enemy holds the fortress tight and avoids fighting face to face.  His stalling tactics would make our troops out of food some day and force us to withdraw.

这一旁飞龙山山高万丈千里远, 那一旁葫芦谷陡壁悬崖攀登难。

This side is Flying Dragon Mountain with high and running ridges for thousand miles;

On the other side is Pear-shaped Valley with steep cliffs.


The Enemy encamps at the mouth of Flying Dragon Mountain, which is easy to defend and hard to attack. The rear part of its camp is connected to the Pear-shaped Valley.  The Pear-shaped Valley….

 (接唱) 都道那葫芦谷峰绝路断, 为什么宗保孙儿他夜探丛山? 我料他定有那奇谋妙算,

Everyone says that the Valley has no way in and no way out, but why my grandson Zongbao attempted to explore the dangerous field secretly? I believe he must have formulated a smart strategy.

  (白) 哦!I see!

(接唱) 倘若是有栈道,闯谷口,奇兵暗下飞龙山, 他后营失守全军乱, 我里外夹攻,岂不是一举全歼!

Suppose there is a trestle bridge nearby.  Our troop could break through the valley and make an ingenious military move into rear part of the enemy’s camp; and then another troop would launch a direct attack at the front.  The enemy is deemed to be wiped out!


楊洪 (白)太君高见

Yang Hong, do you agree with me?

Tai Jun, that is a brilliant idea.

 (白)唉, 话虽如此,只是宗保归途遇难,只有马童张彪带伤而还,如今伤势未愈, 看来此事么哦

Unfortunately Zongbao was killed on the way back.  His horse attendant was also wounded and is not yet recovered.  Perhaps….


My grandson was a marshal with wisdom and vision.  He must have explored the inaccessible valley for good reasons.


If the trestle bridge could be found, the natural barrier to the enemy’s camp would be gone. Grandson, your grandmother is determined to realize your heroic aspiration on your behalf.  You would eventually rest in peace.