General Yang’s Escape《四郎探母》

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编译: 公羽
This episode,culminated by the duet between the female and male roles, is one of the most popular Beijing Opera plays   General Yang Silang from the Song Dynasty was stranded in the enemy’s regime and had to hide his real identity. He was eager to see his mother who led the Song troop to the front post, but was worried about not being able to get the pass. Princess Tie Jing, his wife, learned of his true identity and made up her mind to help him get the pass. The duet is so popular that almost every Beijing Opera fan knows how to sing.


《四郎探母》选段 - 坐宫

唱词 Lyrics


       (铁镜公主)[西皮流水] Princess:


The astonishing truth has scared me badly. He just revealed his true identity after 15 years!


I finally know that my husband is a member of the Yang family who has hidden his identity for 15 years, and pity him for   being separated from his family for so long.


I salute to my husband again, And would like you to listen to my heart.


Please accept my apology for being condescending. Please forgive my ignorance of your real identity.

(杨延辉)[西皮快板] General:


As a happily married couple you dont need to stand on courtesy


I would never stop showing you my appreciation if you could help me get rid of my burden.



As a husband and wife you dont need to be too polite.We are happily married despite of the distance


Why are you frowning all the time? I am absolutely willing to help relieve your burden.



I am troubled and anxious because I have a heavy burden in my heart,


That I have no way of visiting my aging mother, who has come to the battlefield to bring the army supplies.


I am so eager to see her just once, but being trapped here makes me powerless to do anything.



Thats a groundless blame.  I would never stop you from seeing you mother.



Though you are not stopping me, I dont have the necessary pass to go through the front post.



I intend to get you a royal pass, but I am worried that you would never want to return.



If you get me the pass, I will definitely come back after a brief visit.



Songs camp is so far away and how could you be back overnight?



Please be relaxed and I am sure I would be back tonight since my horse is fast enough to make such a trip.



You just made me swear before the gods, and now it is your turn to do the same.



Her royal highness wants me to swear for this trip, and of course I can do it.


If I never return after the visit,



So what?



I would be killed and my bones will be scattered in the desert.



You are over-reacting.


I feel relieved after my husband swore.


Just change your appearance in the back and wait for me to get you the pass.



I am so happy to see her royal highness set out to get the pass.

扭轉頭來叫小番,備爺的千里戰馬扣連環, 爺好出關。

I turn around and call my servant, Get my horse ready so that I can ride to pass through the front post.